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Researchers: Pooja Tandon, Kathleen Wolf, PhD, Cary Simmons,MEM

Recent and compelling research indicates that access to parks and green space can promote the health and well-being of individuals of all ages. 

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Researchers: Peter Kahn, Thea Weiss, Kit Harrington

This article provides a proof of concept for an approach to modeling child–nature interaction based on the idea of interaction patterns: characterizations of essential features of interaction between humans and nature, specified abstractly enough such that countless different instantiations of each one can occur – in more domestic or wild forms – given different types of nature, people, and purposes. 

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Researchers: Pooja Tandon, Julian Olden, Lauren M. Kuehne

Trends and Knowledge Gaps in the Study of Nature-Based Participation by Latinos in the United States 

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Researcher: Greg Bratman

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a tragically common problem among US Military Veterans. Current treatment options for PTSD are not uniformly effective and dropout rates are high.  

Researcher: Spencer Wood

Our ongoing research reveals where there are disparities in who is served by urban park systems, based on maps of current park use and demand for various types of outdoor experiences.   

Researchers: Josh Lawler, Katie Davis

We know that our time spent outside in nature influences the way we feel about, and the way we behave towards, nature.   

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Researcher: Spencer Wood

To help governments and community organizations meet the increasing and
varying demand for outdoor recreation, ongoing research by Nature and
Health is producing fine-scale maps of where and how people connect with

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Researchers: Pooja Tandon, Greg Bratman

Review of studies exploring health effects of nature interactions on children 

Researchers: Josh Lawler, Pooja Tandon, Peter Kahn, Greg Bratman

Potential health benefits of increased outdoor activities for Girl Scouts 

Gina Aaftaab, Sara Breslow, Sean Watts, and Isabel Carrera Zamanillo

Researchers: Naheed Gina Aaftaab, Sara Breslow, Sean M. Watts, Isabel Carrera Zamanillo,

Nature and Health (N&H) launched the Equity and Racial Justice Task Force in September 2020 to build and strengthen our scholarly transdisciplinary relationships. 

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