Livestream: Voice of the River Nature Community June 13th

Integrating art, nature, & science to help our community gain a deeper appreciation of place, local rivers, & history

This arts and dance event will be held in People’s Park on June 13th. It will incorporate spoken and written word, as well as dance and community-derived movement pieces. It will be the Spokane/ Columbia River event for the Global Water Dances Project 2021. The Voice of the River performance project is part of a set of a larger international water-related events happening around the world that same weekend.

A diverse group of poets, dancers, environmental scientists, and community members are taking part in this project, which is a movement rather than a one-time event. This is the first in a series of small projects related to art, nature, and science that will occur over the next few years (2021 – 2023). These events will encourage the community to engage with the management of local rivers, water, and fish.

Along with contemplations and explorations of what the voice of our beloved local river says, this project aims to help illuminate the importance of returning salmon to the Upper Columbia and spread the word about the Columbia River Treaty. The story of local historic salmon runs and environmental stewardship will be the inspiration for this project, as well as for future creative works.

Please join us for this event! (admission is free – sign up here to receive any updates on this performance in light of COVID-19.)

Art, Nature, and the Voice of the River Flyer with a mountain, pebbles, and water in the background