Nature and Health Equity and Racial Justice Task Force

Naheed Gina Aaftaab, Sara Breslow, Sean M. Watts, and Isabel Carrera Zamanillo join the Nature and Health Equity and Racial Justice Task Force to build and strengthen our scholarly transdisciplinary relationships. At the intersections of ableism, colonization, oppression, and structural racism, N&H recognizes that nature-health research often prioritizes Western knowledge. Our approach to the field of nature and health embraces multiple worldviews and builds an ethic of anti-racism, equity, and justice. N&H will connect our shared principles through multiple framings that involve Anti-Racism, Critical Race Theory, Decolonization, Geography, Indigenous Research, Philosophy, and Socio-Cultural Anthropology among other areas. Our current short-term tasks involve defining N&H while acknowledging the colonial origins and the impacts of institutionally white spaces in the field of nature and health research. We will build a powerful coalition that connects nature and health in critical and strengths-based scholarship. Our long-term tasks include support for social scientists and community participants who are doing work to improve nature access and resilience and forming a research affinity group that is centered on the intersectional realities faced by Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC), LGBTQ, and disabled communities.

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