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As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. And vice versa.

Topic: Reciprocal Healing Roundtable
When: Oct 1, 2020 05:00 PM (Arizona)
This distinguished panel will explore how nature heals, and how we can participate in helping heal the world.
Panel members include Peter Kahn, Jr., Anna O’Malley, Laura Sewall, and Tom Fleischner.  

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Special Issue of Ecopsychology

Nature and Health’s Steering Committee Members Peter Kahn and Usha Varanasi recently contributed to the new issue of Ecopsychology! Peter Kahn was Editor-in-Chief for the special issue Reciprocal Healing: Nature, Health, and Wild Vitality and Usha Varanasi was published in Focusing Attention on Reciprocity Between Nature and Humans Can Be the Key to Reinvigorating Planetary Health. 


Black Lives Matter

The attack on Christian Cooper while birding in Central Park so painfully reminds us how inequitable our access to nature is. The recent killings by vigilantes of Ahmaud Arbery (1994-2020). The killings by police of Breonna Taylor (1993-2020), George Floyd (1976-2020), and Tony McDade (1982-2020) a Black transgender man, remind us yet again that this inequity is driven by deep-seated systemic racism. 

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Growing Old Tales from an Urban Canopy: Reciprocity

Brought to you by Tamara Power-Drutis, Colleen Echohawk, Katie Mosehauer, Lylianna Allala
“Explore the role that trees play in human health and urban climate resilience, particularly amid a pandemic. Talk with City of Seattle urban forestry policy advisor Sandra Pinto de Bader, Urban Forestry Commission chair Weston Brinkley, and University of Washington research social scientist Kathy Wolf about the risks facing Seattle’s local trees with regards to climate change, development, and unintended neglect. 

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Publication in Press

Focusing Attention on Reciprocity between Nature and Humans
Can be the Key to Reinvigorating Planetary Health
Usha Varanasi, Ph.D., College of the Environment, University of Washington
In Press, Ecopsychology Journal,
Mary Ann Liebert Inc., Publishers
This timely essay raises the importance of shifting individual and societal attention to preventive and precautionary measures to maintain human and ecological health. 

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Seattle Times: Tranquility in nature

By Corinne Whiting
Special to The Seattle Times

At this bizarre moment in time, most are digging deep into internal “toolboxes” in an attempt to retain some semblance of zen. Maybe you’re experimenting with meditation and yoga, crafting and cleaning, or indulgent wining and dining, shared with a Brady Bunch-esque setup of telesocializing friends. 

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