Community Highlight: Wild Grief Virtual Hike Habits

Wild Grief Virtual Hike Habits are an opportunity to come together for grief peer support and nature connection from the comfort of your own home.

This Virtual Hike Habit will start with an opening circle via video chat, similar to the opening circle on our in-person hikes. We will introduce ourselves, share who we are carrying in our hearts, and offer some activities for your individual walk/hike. We will then ask everyone to find a place close by to be in nature for 30-45 minutes. This could be a walk around your neighborhood, a sit spot in your yard, or even just opening a window to feel the fresh air and see the sky. After our time in nature, we will reconvene for a closing circle.

February Hike Habit (virtual)
Saturday, February 13, 2021
11:00 AM  1:00 PM

This event is free and open for anyone to participate. Please register below!

This event is at 8AM HAST/10AM AKDT/ 11AM PST/12PM MDT/1PM CDT/2PM EST. Wild Grief is located in Olympia, Washington, but love it when folks join from other time zones!