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Nature and Health researchers publish new paper on the beneficial impacts of nature exposure for Amazon employees; results suggest stress reduction benefits

In these winter times when staying indoors feels especially magnetic, it’s important to reflect on the myriad of benefits that nature exposure can provide for our physical, mental, and emotional well-being — especially as employees throughout the US and across industries continue to report elevated levels of work stress. 

Learn more about the study’s findings here

UW Tri-campus Forest Bathing Map

The tri-campus Forest Bathing map represents the collective action of the UW Sustainability Action Plan Engagement Committee (Lauren Updyke, Lauren Brohawn, Toren Elste, Ellen Moore, Cheryl Wheeler, and Daimon Eklund). Daimon created the forest bathing map using Arc GIS StoryMap with site recommendations and photos provided by Alexa (UW Bothell), Cheryl (UW Seattle), and Ellen Moore (UW Tacoma). 

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