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    Nature and Health seeks to understand the connections between nature and human health and well-being. We work to translate that understanding into programs, practices, policies, and the design of healthcare, educational, and community settings that benefit all people and nature.

    • Who we are

      Scientists, practitioners, community members on a mission to define how time spent in nature improves health and well-being.

    • What we do

      We promote research, programs, and policies that align with our mission and vision. Through establishing partnerships with both the local Seattle community and across the US, we offer our expertise, guidance, and support to grow the current body of knowledge around this topic and contribute to the design of health-care, educational, and community settings that benefit all people. 

    • How we work

      We connect researchers with practitioners, policy makers, and other community members to encourage collaborative efforts that address the needs of our community.  We use funds to build pilot projects, establish networks and collaborations, and pursue project specific funding.

    News and Events

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    Nature & Health Conference October 12-14, 2021

    “Generating Understanding Across Communities and Disciplines” is a 3-day virtual conference that will explore current research and thinking on the connections between nature and human health and well-being, and how new insights are shaping policies, programs, practices, and designs to benefit all people and nature in healthcare, education, environmental management, and community settings. This is a unique opportunity for researchers and students in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities; and practitioners and community leaders in health, conservation, planning, education, and related fields to meet, learn from each other, and inspire new cross-cutting ideas and applications on the subject of nature and health.

    We are currently accepting abstracts for talks on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to: human health outcomes from nature exposure, equity and justice, ecosystem health and human well-being, methods for studying nature and health, and novel applications of research. Due March 19, 2021.